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Handeman for mains supply

Handeman for mains supply

Wall Mounted & Mains Operated HANDEMAN HM230

Handeman® needs NO separate waste container and NO waste tubing.Its unique Waste-Safe retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the fresh water is replenished.


Do you need a specialist to install the HANDEMAN HMP230?
No. All you need is a suitable 230 volt switched socket outlet and you can fit it on verticle surface. We supply a complete fitting kit and clear instructions. It is delivered with a 1.8M lead fitted with 13 amp flat pin fused plug top.

Is it safe if I forget to switch off and the water tank is empty?
HANDEMAN HMP230 has a unique 'No water' safety feature that cuts off the heater and flashes a red warning light. Simply discontect the power supply, give it time to reset, fill up with water and re-connect

Note that Handeman HMP230 now comes complete with folding carrying handle (not shown in this illustration.

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