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HANDEMAN for In-cab & Portable use

HANDEMAN for In-cab & Portable use

The slim-line Handeman HMP12 is designed to work off a cigar/cigarette lighter socket and is fitted with 1M lead and suitable plug. It comes complete with carrying handle and mounting bracket together with the necessary fixings.

Tough & completly self contained and retains all the waste water in the unique Waste-Safe

Product Details

Extra Info: Please note this price includes a 19.99 extra carriage charge.
Technical Specification
HMP12 specification.
Weight empty 3 Kg. Weight full 5.3 Kg
Capacity 2.5 Litres (2 Litres usable)
Waste-Safe capacity 2 Litres
HM230 (Purple Label) 90watt/8.5amp on 12 Volts

Width 300mm
Height 325mm
Depth closed 175mm, Depth open 325mm
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