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Handeman for Motor Vehicles

Handeman for Motor Vehicles

The NEW Slim-line HANDEMAN® is entirely self-contained and 25% smaller than any other. It has all the excellent features of the TEALwash including finger tip operated tap giving a hot wash under running water and fully automatic operation with an ideal water temperature.

HANDEMAN HM12 & HM24 designed specifically for Commercial Motor Vehicles.

HANDEMAN needs NO separate waste container and NO waste water tubing.
It's unique Waste-Safe retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the fresh water is replenished.

Even so your HANDEMAN will give up to TEN generous 12 second hot washes per filling.

No need for a specialist to install HANDEMAN

Even can plug into lighter socket

Tough and completly self contained and retains all the waste water in the unique Waste-Safe

Product Details

Extra Info: Please note this price includes a £19.99 extra carriage charge.
Technical Specification
HANDEMAN HM12 & HM24 Specification
Weight Empty: 3kg, Weight Full: 5.3kg
Max Capacity: 2.5litre (2 litre usable)
Waste-Safe capacity: 2 Litres
HM12 (Red label) 180watt, 15 amps at 12 Volts.
HM24 (Blue Label) 240watt, 10 amps at 24 Volts.

Width 300mm
Height 325mm
Depth closed 175mm, Depth open 325mm
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