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Glo Box Kits New Glo Box Kit!!! We are pleased to be offering an improved version of this kit. The Glo Box has been redesigned as a soft shell, foldable box that will allow you to do demonstrations in brightly lit surroundings. Designed to block ambient light and provide a vivid display of our simulated germs. The Glo Box Kit contains one 250 ml bottle of Glo Germ Gel, one 50gm Glo Germ Powder, a 21 LED UV Flashlight (batteries included) and the fold flat Glo Box.
Glo Germ Micro Kits Great idea for teaching smaller groups or a one time training.
Glo Germ Starter Kits Ideal for repeated small groups in schools etc.
Glo Germ Medium Kits These kits can be used to demonstrate proper hand washing and are ideal for larger groups and or regular training in any environment.