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As an Industry professional you will be only too aware of the need for hand hygiene and the importance of effective hand hygiene training for all personnel. Glo Germ will enable you to achieve this in a very simple yet effective way, the demonstration and staff activity is extremely visual and practical, and thus it reaches all abilities and skill levels, not to mention smashing potential language barriers.

Glo Germ will perform as part of your HACCP plan; it can become part of your quality management process, as the results are measurable and easily documented. We supply medical safety data sheets once you have purchased the product that will satisfy COSHH regulations.

The Glo Germ is inert as a substance and as the new UV lights are battery operated it enables the risk assessment required, to be completed very easily as the risk to personnel is minimal in all areas.
Glo Germ can also be used as part of research because of it`s unique 5 micron size, it lends itself to many simulations, not just bacterial. Many unique users have found it useful for a variety of applications.

The New Professional '32' range of kits are ideally suited to a professional environment. They will perform in any area that you require, the new 32 LEDUV flashlight will enable the Glo Germ to fluoresce in sunshine conditions, no need to darken the training environment!!As the flashlight is battery operated the health & safety risk assessment is quickly and easily completed with no electrical checks required each year, so your equipment is available to use whenever required.

Here at HSUK we understand that the purchase of equipment is just the first step in the training process and we are more than happy to answer your questions and help with documentation in any way that we can. . . We are qualified and experienced to do so! This range of kits can also be used to audit cleaning practices in any environment in conjunction with the powder link to details.

We no longer provide static mains voltage UV lighting units because potentially wet hands and 240 Volts are not a mixture that we would like to encourage! All our lighting systems are battery operated and safe.

We already have established accounts with many Manufacturers and Catering companies in the UK and Europe, please check with your purchasing dept. as you may already have an account, if you do not then please contact us and we will set an account up for you.

When you buy from Hygienic Solutions UK it includes product support and warranty for 24 months on all products and unlike many other similar products on the market Glo Germ does not have a 'shelf life' it is active forever!!

Just call our support hotline 0800 7566680 for our immediate attention guaranteed, try before you buy, we are here to make the purchase easy for you.

If you have found this information helpful or not, then please do e mail us, we value your input and are constantly striving to improve the service that we provide. Please e mail Thankyou.