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Hygiene Facts

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Hygiene Facts

60% of men DO NOT wash their hands after visiting the toilet

40% of women DO NOT wash their hands after visiting the toilet

Touching a grab rail on the underground system brings you into contact with 5000 hands, many of which are unwashed!

There are more germs on a computer keyboard than there are on your toilet.

A survey on catering workers, which showed 39% did not wash their hands after going to the toilet and 53% did not do so before they prepared foods.

Over half the teenagers surveyed said they did not always wash their hands before eating lunch at school, even though two-thirds had a meal such as a packed lunch or burger and chips which they had to eat using their hands.

In the UK it is admitted by the government that at least 300,000 patients contract a NI during their stay in hospital with a mortality rate of 13% or 13,000 lives. This is estimated to cost the NHS as much as 1 billion per annum . It is generally accepted by the healthcare profession that the main route for the transmission of NI`s is cross infection via dirty hands and or dirty gloves

C Diff is most commonly spread on the infected hands of carers,
healthcare workers, visitors and patients.

Alcohol hand rubs will not prevent cross infection with C Diff, as the
spores are not killed by alcohol.