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Welcome to Hygienic Solutions UK

Hygienic Solutions UK are committed to ensuring that effective hand washing techniques are applied, at all levels, in all sectors of Industry.

We are able to ensure this, by supplying Glo Germ™ to a variety of users, whilst at the same time, offering advice, with the benefit of years of experience of using Glo Germ and the associated products.

What is Glo Germ?

Glo Germ™ simulates the spread of germs, teaching how quickly and broadly germs can be spread in a short period of time. ( Read more about Glo Germ™ here )

Hygienic Solutions UK are now the number one provider of Glo Germ™ throughout Europe. We are supplying all sectors of industry with a range of UV lamps and Glo Germ™ products that surpasses all others.

Purchasing Information

We now accept payment online however we do take purchase orders from all organisations. Please call or use the contact form that can be found here.

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Glo Germ Micro Kits

Glo Germ Micro Kits
From 14.78 (Inc Tax 17.73)

Glo Germ Starter Kits

Glo Germ Starter Kits
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Glo Box Kit Gel

New Glo Box Kit!!! Glo Box Kit Gel
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Handeman for Motor Vehicles

Handeman for Motor Vehicles
From 264.00 (Inc Tax 316.80)

Product Support

If you have any questions about any of our products please do not hesitate to call our support line on 0800 7566680


We have upgraded the flashlights in the Medium and Professional range. The Medium kits now come with the 21UVLED as standard and the Pro kits have an all new 32UVLED...The prices remain the same! The website will be updated soon.